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MAXFIELD George. TRIED: Derbyshire Quarter Sessions; 1 July 1834. OFFENCE: Cattle stealing. SENTENCE: 7 years. PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS: None. AGE & CONDITION: 50; married with 5 sons and 5 daughters. EDUCATION: None. RELIGION: Protestant. NATIVE PLACE: Derbyshire. TRADE OR CALLiNG: Farm labourer, hatter. DESCRIPTION: 5’ 4”; darlç, sallow, pockpltted and freckled complexion; brown hair mixed with grey; hazel eyes; lost some front teeth, scar over sight eyebrow, scar back of right thumb, scar knuckle of forefinger of left hand. (REF: Archives Office of New South Wales Fiche No.7 13 page 100)

TRANSPORT SHIP: Wesimoreland; sailed from London 9 March 1835; embarked 220 male convicts, 2

died on voyage; arrived Sydney 15 July 1835. MASTER: John Brigstock. SURGEON: Charles Inches.

GENERAL RETURN OF CONVICTS NSW 1837: George Maxfield, age 51, per Westmoreland, 1835. MASTER: G A Lloyd, Paterson.


MAXFIELD John. TRIED: Middlesex Gaol Delivery; 25 October 1815. SENTENCE: Life. AGE: 18.

NATWE PLACE: London. TRADE OR CALLING: Shoemaker. DESCRIPTION: 5’ 4’/4”; fair pale

complexion; flaxen hair; grey eyes. (REF: Archives 0111cc of New South Wales Fiche No.636 page 208)

TRANSPORT SHIP: Mariner; sailed from England June 1816, embarked 145 male convicts; arrived

Sydney 11 October 1816. MASTER: John Herbert. SURGEON: John Haslam.

NEW SOUTH WALES CENSUS 1828: John Maxfleld, age 30, Ticket of Leave, per Mariner 1816.

B.ELIGION:Protestant: OCCUPATION: Harnessmakér, Parramatta.


MAXFIELD John. TRIED: London 22 February 1828. OFFENCE: Privately stealing. SENTENCE: & years. PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS: 2. AGE & CONDITION: 40; single. EDUCATION: None.

RELIGION: Catholic. NATIVE PLACE: Dublin. TRADE OR CALLiNG: Hairdresser. DESCRIPTION: 5’ 0”; sallow complexion; brown to grey hair; brown eyes; slightly bald, when over right ankle; here formerly in the same name in the Boyd - went home in the Da   tess? TICKET OF

LEAVE: No.33/i 056. CERTIFICATE OF FREEDOM: No.35/243. ASSIGNED: P McQueen, Segenhoe. (REF: Archives Office of New South Wales Fiche No.670 page 136)

TRANSPORT SHIP: Marquis of Hastings sailed from London 30 June 1828; arrived Sydney Cove 12 October 1828; embarked 178 male convicts, 3 sent to hospital on arrival. MASTER: John Jeffrey Drake. SURGEON: William Rae.

NEW SOUTH WALES CENSUS 1828: John Maxfield, age 40, per Marquis of Hastings. OCCUPATION: Labourer. MASTER: P McIntyre, Segenhoe, Durham.

(I have checke4 the Convict Indents for the Boyd - arnved Sydney Cove, from Dublin. 14 August 1809, but couldn’t see a John MAXFIELD on board, only a John MAXWELL)


MAXFIELD William, alias Charles ROBERTSON. TRIED: Middlesex Gaol Delivery, 18 July 1810.

SENTENCE: 7 years. TRANSPORT SHIP: Guildford, sailed from London 3 September 1811; arrived

Sydney 18th January 1812. MASTER: Magnus Johnson.


MAXFIELD William. TRIED: Nottingham Assizes; 4 January 1832. OFFENCE: Highway Robbery. SENTENCE: 7 years. AGE & CONDITION: 21; single. GAOL REPORT: Several times in prison, once 14 days for trespass, very bad character. HULK REPORT: Bad disposition. TRANSPORT SHIP:

Circassian; sailed from Plymouth 14 October 1832, embarked 186 male convicts; arrived Hobart Town 16 February 1833. MASTER: George Douthwaite. SURGEON: William Porteous.

In trouble many times while serving his sentence, absconding several times. sent to Port Arthur for 3 years in 1836. Details of these offeuces can be found in CON3 1/30 page 113 (Prisoner No.1145) and can be obtained from:-

Archives Office of Tasmania, 77 Murray Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000.




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